Successfully overwinter the oregano

Successfully overwinter the oregano

Cover young plants early

Oregano set in the current year is often not sufficiently hardened to survive frosts undamaged. It is therefore advisable to give the actually hardy plants appropriate protection as soon as the first night frosts set in.

  • In the fall, cut the oregano about a hand's width above the ground.
  • Pile up the herbs at the base with two shovels of garden soil that you can add humus to.

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Since the plant dries up in the frozen earth when exposed to wind and sunlight, it is important to provide shade. This also protects the plants from the frequent interplay of warm daytime temperatures and frost at night.

  • Cover the above-ground portion of the oregano with spruce branches or leaves.
  • Alternatively, you can cover the herb with a suitable plant fleece.

Hibernate oregano in a bucket

  • Only leave planters outside that have been declared frost-resistant by the manufacturer.
  • Move the pots to a sheltered and light corner of the patio.
  • Cover both the flower pot and the herb with garden fleece or bubble wrap.
  • When using foil, leave a chimney so that humidity can evaporate.
  • Since the oregano should be watered a little on mild winter days, ensure that there is sufficient water drainage.

Hibernate oregano in the house

In very rough locations you can take the herb from the herb garden, potted it and overwinter in a light, frost-free room. The same goes for oregano that you have grown on the balcony or terrace during the summer.

Tips & Tricks

We advise against overwintering at room temperature, because the oregano can only survive until spring if the metabolism of the plant is slowed down.