Plant water lilies in the pond - like a pro

Plant water lilies in the pond - like a pro

Which location is suitable for planting?

Water lilies are pure water plants. But they are not suitable for fast flowing waters such as rivers. On the other hand, they are made for ponds, lakes and slowly flowing streams. The waters can be slow flowing as well as calm to standing.

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Even water lily lovers without their own pond can plant these plants. They grow well in pots. It is important that the location is sunny and not shady. Most species of water lilies like 4 to 6 hours of sunshine a day.

What should the bottom of the water be like?

Ideally, the bottom of the water is muddy. All water lilies like that. These plants can take root in it. It is also important that the reason has the following properties:

  • low in lime
  • nutritious
  • humus

Should you plant water lilies in spring or autumn?

Hardy water lilies such as the white water lily are best planted in April / May. Non-winter-hardy specimens that may have previously been overwintered should only move into the pond in June. It is perfect when the water has already warmed up to around 20 ° C.

Which water depth is important?

The depth of the water should be measured depending on the type and variety. Some water lilies do best in water depths of 20 to 40 cm. This includes, for example, the dwarf water lily. Other water lilies need a water depth of 40 to 80 cm and still others need a water level of 70 to 120 cm.

How exactly do you go about insertion?

You should know that:

  • do not plant in the pond floor
  • better put in a planting basket (11.11 € at Amazon *) and then lower it into the depths
  • Tuber-like, thickened roots: narrow, deep plant basket
  • rhizome-like roots: flat, wide plant basket
  • first put jute or newspaper in the basket
  • next layer: clay and sand
  • then: fertilizer
  • last the plant and cover it with substrate
  • Buds should protrude from the substrate

How are water lilies propagated?

The easiest way to multiply your water lilies is by dividing them. The division is recommended every 3 to 5 years anyway to keep the growth stable. Furthermore, water lilies often reproduce by self-sowing. Targeted sowing can also be carried out without any problems.

When do water lilies bloom?

Water lilies bloom at different times depending on the species. Some already present their flowers at the beginning of May. Others don't show them until June. The individual flowers can survive for up to 10 days before they bloom. The flowering period can drag on until September.


While smaller species get by with one square meter of space, larger species usually need 2 square meters of space. Warning: If water lilies are planted too densely, their flowering will be suppressed.