Winter swimming in the heated swimming pond?

Winter swimming in the heated swimming pond?

If you want to do without the wetsuit and still want to swim your laps in the natural pool in early spring, you will not be able to avoid heating your swimming pond. The motivation of most pond owners is not necessarily that they want the water to be particularly warm, but that the pool can be used (almost) all year round, at least from the beginning of spring.

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Warm water extends the bathing season

Since the natural pool is structurally usually divided into a separate bathing and regeneration area anyway, it can be assumed that pond water can be heated up to 28 ° C without any problems without damage to any existing planting. Nevertheless, you have to be aware that the higher the water temperature, there is an increased formation of pathologically harmful germs, so that allergy sufferers or bathers who are less health-stable could experience problems. Therefore, especially in the swimming area, an even flow of warm water must be ensured in order to avoid the so-called "dead zones", which are particularly susceptible to the spread of pathogens and algae.

Technical possibilities of swimming pond heating

Continuous heating of the pond water not only requires a well thought-out piping system, the control technology must also be perfectly matched to the amount of water and the dimensions of a functioning filter system. The following systems are used as a possible heat source:

  • Boiler heating (mainly used as a storage tank);
  • Swimming pool absorber (mostly hoses mounted on the house roof);
  • Heating system of the house in connection with heat exchangers;
  • Solar panels;

When dimensioning the heat generator, one must keep in mind that an 80 kW heater is required to bring water (in an amount of 80,000 liters) from 15 ° C to a temperature of 20 ° C, so that bathing in the a well-tempered swimming pond will not be cheap.

Expert advice is required when retrofitting the pool heating

Questions about the necessary technology, such as the optimal use of heat exchangers or solar collectors, should be discussed with a specialist company during the planning phase. Depending on the construction method and the usage habits of the swimming pond owner, you have to reckon with costs between 10,000 and 15,000 euros for a medium-sized pool.


Since possible contamination should be ruled out for hygienic reasons, according to German law, the water from the pond area may not be used for the heat cycle within the swimming pond heating system, so that fresh water must be regularly fed into the system.