Propagation of the fig by cuttings

Propagation of the fig by cuttings

Raise a house fig from cuttings

You can cut branches from any branch of the fig. However, sprouts that you cut from old, mature branches sometimes have the property of not sprouting fresh leaves directly from the cutting. Fresh shoots then grow directly from the newly formed roots in these seedlings.

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This is how successful offspring succeed

As an offshoot, cut off a branch about eight inches long from the mother tree below the eye. Make sure that the scissors or knife have a sharp cutting surface. If the cutting tool squeezes the delicate tissue of the fig, the offshoot is very reluctant to form roots. If possible, disinfect the tool to prevent bacteria from entering the interface.

The further procedure:

  • Fill the planter with a mixture of sand and commercially available potting soil
  • Put cuttings about halfway into the ground
  • Keep the soil moist, but never wet
  • Close the vessel tightly with a clear plastic bag

The microclimate of this closed system is similar to that of a greenhouse and stimulates the offshoot to form roots quickly.

You should cultivate the small fig in a pot for the first two years and only after this period transplant it into the field. The young fig trees freeze back heavily in the winter months and, since the plant puts all its strength into the formation of the leaves, hardly any fruit.

Root offshoots in the water

Tall mason jars or wide water glasses are well suited for propagation without a substrate, because they let a lot of light into the cuttings. Fill the container about an inch high with water and place the cutting upright in the glass. Close the jar with the lid or a plastic bag. A warm, bright but not full sun location is ideal. Under these conditions, the little fig quickly begins to take root.

Do not wait to move the cuttings until the entire container is filled with the almost white roots. These roots are water roots. When they are placed in the ground, they first have to adapt to the changed living conditions, which robs the plant of strength and slows down development.

Tips & Tricks

Offshoots are sensitive to stress. Avoid changing temperatures, lack of light or too much sunlight and ensure uniform growth conditions until the roots are rooted.