Fast-growing shrubs as privacy screens in the garden

Fast-growing shrubs as privacy screens in the garden

Quickly create a cozy garden atmosphere with fast-growing shrubs

Many design ideas in the garden require years of patience in order to even be able to estimate the success or failure of certain planting actions and measures. For many garden owners, changes in the garden cannot actually go fast enough. When planting hedges as a natural privacy screen in the garden, the height that can be achieved within a few years depends largely on the selection of the respective plants. On the one hand, it should be as large as possible, but still easily transplantable young plants of good plant quality. On the other hand, there are also types of plants such as boxwood, which even after many years do not form a high hedge. So if you really want to provide a tight privacy screen with sufficient height quickly,so you should also opt for fast-growing shrubs as plant material for the planned hedge.

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Suitable plants for a privacy screen from bushes

Quite fast-growing, but generally not classified as shrubs, for example the Thuja occidentalis 'Brabant' and the evergreen cherry laurel. There are, however, a large number of shrubs that are generally not too picky about location and care and yet, with sufficient light and water, show an almost phenomenal annual growth rate:

  • Forsythia
  • jasmine
  • Buddleia
  • Dogwood
  • Weigela
  • Hawthorn
  • Blood currant

You can also arrange the above-mentioned flowering shrubs as a privacy hedge using a clever combination so that an attractive color sequence and an interesting chronological sequence of the various flowering times result.

It is imperative that the spacing areas be sufficiently generous

In contrast to the columnar Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd', many flowering shrubs have a rather spreading habit. This can quickly become a problem if the hedge made of vigorous young plants was planted too close to the fence or the property line. Then not only are problems with the neighbors possible, but the pruning of the hedge on the outside, which is necessary for maintenance, is unnecessarily difficult. You should therefore expect a hedge width of up to 1.5 m or more with shrubs such as forsythia and weigelia, even with regular topiary.

Alternatives to fast-growing shrubs as privacy screens

If a natural privacy screen is to provide the desired privacy in the garden as quickly as possible, fast-growing shrubs are not only suitable for such a hedge. For a very narrow yet efficient privacy screen, ideas for privacy screens made from climbing plants or certain types of bamboo can also be implemented.


You should cut back fast-growing shrubs in height even if they have not yet reached the final height you want for a high level of privacy. In this way you promote the branching of the plants and thus their leaf mass and vigor at an early stage.