Watering flowers according to the lunar calendar - is there really anything to it?

Watering flowers according to the lunar calendar - is there really anything to it?

How does watering according to the lunar calendar work?

Watering according to the lunar calendar works according to a very specific principle: you can only water your indoor plants on certain days, the so-called water or leaf days. These days change every month and every year, but they can be viewed in special calendars. Astrologically speaking, the moon is on these days in one of the three water signs Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio, which it passes through several times within a month. If you water on one of these days, the growth of green plants and their leaves is stimulated, so that they thrive all the more magnificently. On the other hand, watering is prohibited on one of the so-called air days on which the moon is in one of the zodiac signs Gemini, Aquarius or Libra. Is watered on days like thisAccording to some astrologers, the risk of pest infestation increases.

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Is there really something to it?

So far it has not been scientifically proven whether casting works according to the lunar calendar. These are astrological beliefs that you may - or may not - believe in. In fact, so far it has only been possible to establish that the individual phases of the moon - which in turn have absolutely nothing to do with the signs of the zodiac - have little influence on the growth of plants. It is therefore better to water your indoor plants according to their individual needs and use stale, room-warm water if possible.


Many indoor plants, especially those from tropical regions, can withstand a lukewarm shower from time to time. This not only rinses the dust from the leaves, but also ensures higher humidity and makes it difficult for pests to nest.