Freeze the sweet potato

Freeze the sweet potato

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If you have no way of storing the sweet potato in suitable cellar rooms or chambers, you can freeze it in a cooked or processed state. Raw sweet potatoes should not be frozen, because the tubers become unsightly and lose their taste and nutrients in the freezer. However, the cooked or processed sweet potato can be stored in the freezer for up to twelve months.

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Prepare and freeze sweet potato

Depending on your preference, the sweet potato can be frozen with or without the peel, as well as in the processed state.

In any case, the potato is first cleaned. Brush off the adhering soil thoroughly under running water. A vegetable brush is suitable for this, the soft bristles of which do not damage the tender skin of the potato. The shell should not have any pressure points or other flaws.

If the sweet potato is to be frozen without the skin, the tuber must first be peeled with a vegetable peeler. Again, pressure points or “eyes” must be carefully removed.

Then the sweet potato, with or without the peel, is cooked for about twenty minutes. Particularly large specimens require a little more time. Once the tubers have cooled down well, they can be individually wrapped in aluminum foil and then frozen in a suitable container.

Freeze sweet potato as a pulp

Even ready-made dishes made from sweet potatoes can be frozen without any problems, for example sweet potato puree. To do this, the potatoes are cleaned, cooked and mashed or mashed while still warm. In order for the porridge to keep its appetizing color, you should pour a little lemon juice over the porridge, not too much, so that the taste does not suffer. After the porridge has cooled completely, it can be frozen in portions in freezer bags or cans.

Freeze sweet potatoes in slices or cubes

For a delicious gratin, cooked sweet potatoes can also be frozen in slices. Proceed as you did with the preparations for the mashed potatoes. The finished cooked potatoes are not mashed, but carefully cut into slices. The slices are best frozen in plastic jars.

The boiled tubers can also be deep-frozen in cubes as a soup.

Freeze finished dishes with sweet potato

Sweet potatoes can be used to prepare tasty dishes, such as gratins, casseroles, but also desserts such as cookies, muffins or bread. If you have to work long hours during the week, it is best to freeze ready-made sweet potato dishes, which can then be quickly thawed if necessary.

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