Lawn weeds: fight veronica

Lawn weeds: fight veronica

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  • Plant family: Plantain family
  • Other names: Allerweltsheil, Veronica, Grindheil, Wundheilkraut
  • Location: Sunny, preferably in places protected from the wind.
  • Soil requirements: rich in nutrients and clay, low in lime
  • Growth habit: creeping, up to 15 centimeters high
  • Leaves: Conspicuously hairy and relatively broad
  • Leaf color: elliptical, greenish gray.
  • Flowering period: March to June
  • Flower color: delicate violet-blue

Fight Veronica

You can easily weed individual plants by hand. If this creates holes in the lawn, you should re-sow specifically so that these gaps close quickly.

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If speedwell spreads in the lawn, regular mowing weakens the weeds. However, new plants can develop from stem parts, so you should definitely use a grass catcher.


The most common cause of lawn weeds to spread is nutrient deficiency. In contrast to weeds such as veronica, grass has a very high nutrient requirement, which must be covered by fertilization. If the living carpet has weak points, speedwell can establish itself and over time gain the upper hand.

Veronica prefers lime poor soils. The additional supply of the green with preparations such as algae lime prevents further spread.

Chemical weed killers

These liquid or granular products should only be used if you cannot otherwise get hold of the weeds that have settled in the lawn.

The preparations should only be used when the soil is warm and moist. Do not mow the grass for a few days so that the leaf mass of the weeds is as large as possible, because the active ingredients of the herbicides are mainly absorbed by the plants through the leaves.

Give lawn weeds their own corner

It makes ecological sense not to completely ban wild plants from the garden. Speedwell is a valuable pasture for bees and provides food for many insects.


Veronica is an ancient medicinal plant. In natural medicine, it is successfully used for skin diseases, cold symptoms and bladder infections.