Plant pickling cucumbers yourself - from the garden to the glass

Plant pickling cucumbers yourself - from the garden to the glass

Pickling cucumbers are small and harvested early. If you wait longer, you will harvest mature cucumbers. Particularly resistant and easy-care F1 hybrid varieties:

  • Regal - small, fine and high-yielding variety
  • White Spangenberg - robust, white to golden yellow fruits
  • Foothill grapes - early ripening and aromatic
  • Sikkim cucumber - aromatic, Indian variety

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Which location do pickling cucumbers prefer?

Cucumber plants are sensitive to frost and are only allowed outside when the soil temperature is above 10 ° degrees. Sunlight is the main source of nutrients for photosynthesis. It warms the soil and guarantees that the cucumber seeds will germinate. When growing outdoor cucumbers, therefore, choose a warm and full sun, preferably sheltered from the wind.

Greenhouse cucumbers don't know bad weather. Light, warmth and weather protection guarantee healthy growth and an early harvest.

In which soil do pickling cucumbers feel particularly comfortable?

The ideal soil for pickling cucumbers is loose, light and sandy. Keep the ground flat and cover with mulch (€ 213.00 at Amazon *). This protects the sensitive roots, prevents drought and saves you from plucking weeds.

A neutral to slightly alkaline soil with a pH value of 7.0 is ideal.

Prefer pickling cucumbers - later is earlier

Pulling pickling cucumbers yourself is very easy. Sow cucumber seeds in the mini greenhouse at the beginning of April (€ 6.96 at Amazon *). As a dark sprout, cucumber seeds sprout lightly covered with earth on a warm, light window sill within a week. Those who sow earlier risk that they will grow too big too quickly before they can go outside from mid-May.

The right timing from flowering to harvest time

Harvesting of greenhouse cucumbers begins at the end of May. Plants grown outdoors are mature in mid-July.

If they turn yellow, they are overripe. Important: Regularly cutting the ripe cucumbers from the plant promotes the ripening of further fruits. Ideally, you can enjoy fresh organic quality cucumbers every week until late autumn.

Small cucumbers large spacing

Small pickling cucumbers need as much planting space as large snake cucumbers. It is not the size of the cucumbers that is decisive, but the plant. Put them in at a distance of two feet. The row spacing should be about 1.50 meters. In the open field you can plant two to three cucumber plants per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

In the open field, 2 to 3 pickling cucumbers can be planted per square meter. It is best to put them in black mulch film and put a watering hose. That saves work and water.