Yucca palm gets brown leaf tips - what to do?

Yucca palm gets brown leaf tips - what to do?

Yucca does not belong to the tropical palms

First of all, even if the plant is offered as a yucca “palm” or a palm lily, it is still not a species of palm - in fact, these groups of plants are not even remotely related. While most palm species grow in the tropical rainforests, where it is humid and warm all year round, many species of yucca originate from the deserts and semi-deserts of the southern United States. It is hot and dry here during the summer months, but it can get very cold in winter. Correct care of the yucca can be derived from these conditions, although this also depends on the specific species - not all yuccas like the same growing conditions.

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Causes and their elimination

There are a number of causes for brown leaf tips, most of which are due to improper care.

Too much or too little water

As desert plants, yuccas are very sensitive to moisture. During the hot summer months, the plants get little water in their natural environment, which is why some species are even succulent - they store water and thus survive periods of drought. Of course, that doesn't apply to all yuccas. In principle, however, the plants should not be watered too heavily and high humidity (for example by spraying with water) is harmful. Water about once a week and only when the substrate is already dry on the surface. Be sure to do a finger test before watering!

Incorrect winter storage with dry and warm heating air

Basically, yuccas should not be sprayed with water, but there is one exception: in winter, the plants need additional moisture due to the warm air in the room, which is very dry due to the heating air, which is why you should mist them about once or twice a week with low-lime water . Most yucca species overwinter best in light, but cool and frost-free at around 10 ° C. Some yuccas are even frost hardy and can stay outside in mild regions even in winter. In general, all yuccas feel comfortable in a bright and sheltered spot on the balcony or terrace during the hot summer months.

Lack of light / sunburn

In doing so, you should only get the plants used to the sun slowly, as they quickly get sunburned with the result that the leaves get brown tips and / or spots. On the other hand, too little light leads to brown leaf tips and / or yellow leaves - pay particular attention to this with yuccas standing in front of the windows. If the leaves facing away from the window turn yellow or brown, they are receiving too little light.


Use warm, low-lime or lime-free water for spraying and watering. An excess of lime also causes discoloration of the leaves.