Getting an amaryllis to bloom - this is how it works again and again

Getting an amaryllis to bloom - this is how it works again and again

Cut properly after flowering

At the end of the flowering season, you set the course for a splendid repetition of the flower festival. The maintenance program is now geared towards saving energy and refilling the empty depots. In order for a knight star to bloom again quickly, proceed as follows:

  • Cut off each withered flower with the short inflorescence stem from the main stem
  • Do not cut the main shaft until it has yellowed
  • Place the scissors 4-5 cm above the onion

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The green leaves of an amaryllis remain unaffected by these pruning measures. If it is possible to make a knight's star bloom again, the foliage has the important task of adequately supplying the inflorescence.

This summer care program attracts another blossom

Until the beginning of the warm season, the faded knight star lingers in the partially shaded window seat. Water the plant regularly, preferably over the coaster. Every 14 days, give a liquid fertilizer for subtropical flowering plants to give the growth new impetus. From mid-May the bed and balcony of your amaryllis will offer the ideal climatic conditions to once again boast of paradisiacal blossoms in the open air. That is how it goes:

  • Place the knight's star and culture pot in the ground in the sunny, warm location
  • Alternatively, set up the flower pot on the balcony so that there is no blazing sun at lunchtime
  • Water the amaryllis regularly and continue to fertilize every 14 days

Leave the leaves on the plant until they are completely absorbed. At the same time, fresh leaves will now flourish, from which, with a little luck, a new inflorescence will proudly rise.

After flowering is before flowering - this is how it continues in autumn

Have you succeeded in making an amaryllis bloom again quickly using these instructions? Then nothing speaks against getting the knight's star in the mood for a colorful rendezvous at Christmas time. According to this timetable it is possible:

  • From the end of July, gradually reduce the amount of irrigation water and stop fertilizing
  • At the end of summer flowering, cut off the withered flower heads promptly to prevent seed growth
  • Only remove the main stem and leaves when they have completely died

If the temperatures drop below 15 degrees Celsius, give the knight's star. In the cool, dark room, the tuber regenerates in the dry substrate until the end of October / beginning of November. You have now reached the agenda item repotting in the maintenance protocol and at the same time the starting point for another vegetation cycle for your amaryllis.


Not every Ritterstern variety has the potential for repeated flowering. At the end of the first flowering period, take a look at the leaves. If these are crossed by black stripes, the plant is infected with fungal spores and should be discarded.