Can the cyclamen stand outside?

Can the cyclamen stand outside?

Few cyclamen are equipped for the outdoors

There are a handful of cyclamen that can weather the temperatures outside. These include the three best-known cyclamen for the garden. These are the early spring cyclamen, the summer cyclamen and the autumn cyclamen. These species tolerate frost and can even be brought through the cool season without winter protection.

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Plant cyclamen outside

If the cyclamen is to stand outside, the right location is essential. It should definitely be partially to shady. A place in full sun means: Too much heat and the risk of drought in summer. Cyclamen cannot take that at all! The location can be under shady trees.

What care do cyclamen need outside?

Cyclamen that are supposed to stand outside permanently do not need a lot of care. The following is sufficient:

  • Mulch the root area
  • fertilize with compost once a year
  • do not fertilize between May and July
  • water sparingly
  • As a precaution, protect with a layer of leaves and brushwood in winter

Plant out indoor cyclamen in spring

Many gardeners who have a cyclamen in their pots do it this way: they wait until the flowering period is over in February. Then slowly get your plant used to the cooler outside temperatures (e.g. put it on the balcony during the day). Between April and May you plant your cyclamen outdoors, for example in the shade of a hedge.

It is easier to summer a cyclamen outside. In summer it quickly gets too warm in the house, the air is dry and the cyclamen doesn't look nice either because it has withdrawn (resting time).

Tips & Tricks

Don't forget to bring your cyclamen back home around September. Otherwise, you might miss out on its prime.