Yellow leaves on cucumbers - what to do

Yellow leaves on cucumbers - what to do

Yellow leaves on cucumbers - now every garden owner should act quickly. Because it does not always have to be cucumber diseases and pests, incorrect care or nutrient deficiencies are also possible causes. What is hidden behind yellow leaves? How can they be avoided? What to do?

What causes yellow leaves on cucumbers

Whether free-range cucumbers or greenhouse cucumbers - one of the most common causes of yellow leaves on cucumbers is care errors. From airing to watering to fertilizing - it is often only small things that cucumber plants react to with yellow leaves. But the following cucumber diseases and pests can also be recognized by their yellow leaves.

  • Real and false cucumber powdery mildew
  • Cucumber mosaic virus
  • Aphids

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Real and false cucumber powdery mildew the pathogen is a fungus in both variants.

With the cucumber mosaic virus, the leaf margins become wilted and light yellow. Remove infected cucumber plants immediately if leaf veins turn yellow on the outside

This is an effective way to avoid yellow leaves on cucumbers

In general, yellow leaves are more a sign of too much water. Simply water more sparingly and pamper cucumber plants with warm rainwater instead of cold water. Mostly water the root area and less often the green. Supply cucumbers regularly but moderately with horse manure or organic green manure during the growing season. This promotes their resistance and prevents yellow leaves from a lack of magnesium.

Prevention is better than fighting

Fighting cucumber diseases and pests is often, depending on the infestation, not even possible with chemicals. When it comes to food, you should also think twice about whether you actually use poison. Prevention is always better for people and plants:

When planting cucumbers, keep sufficient planting distance. Because dense green leaves too little air to the leaves. Most fungi and viruses spread in permanent wetness and moisture.

Growing resistant F1 hybrid cucumber varieties. Or cultivate more resilient cucumbers yourself by refining cucumbers.

Observe crop rotation and plant cucumbers in the same location after 4 years at the earliest.

Aphids are the main culprit in transmitting cucumber diseases. The targeted use of beneficial insects in the greenhouse and garden offers the best solution and is worthwhile.

With these effective measures you can not only permanently prevent yellow leaves on cucumbers, but also prevent cucumber diseases and pests at an early stage.

Tips & Tricks

Do not fertilize newly acquired young plants immediately. As a rule, the cucumber plants are pre-fertilized and have been supplied with all the important nutrients by the breeder.