Proper care of the lime tree

Proper care of the lime tree

When and how often should a lime tree be watered?

The lime requires significantly less water than other types of citrus such as the lemon or the orange. It is best to soak the root ball thoroughly when watering and then wait a few days until the top layer of soil has dried off. Use rainwater whenever possible.

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How and with what should the lime be fertilized?

During the growing season, you should fertilize your lime tree once a week. A special citrus fertilizer is suitable for this because it contains all the necessary nutrients in the right composition. No fertilizer is necessary in winter.

When should the lime tree be repotted?

Young trees should be transplanted into a larger pot once a year, older trees about every two to three years. The plants need a loose, well-drained substrate, citrus soil is best.

When and how is the tree pruning done?

The best time to cut a tree is at the end of the wintering phase. You can cut back all light green new shoots completely, thinner ones by a third and thicker ones by two thirds.

What to do if the lime loses leaves

Limes, like other citrus trees, lose leaves especially when they are too dry or the pot is too small. So if your lime tree loses leaves, first check the moisture status and the size of the pot. A lack of nutrients can also be the cause of leaf shedding. Usually the tree loses many leaves towards the end of the winter period - a lack of light is usually the reason for this.

Diseases and pests

Spider mites and plant lice such as scale, mealybugs and mealybugs are very common. Limes also develop deficiency symptoms quickly, and iron in particular is problematic. As soon as the leaves show a light green or yellow color with dark green leaf veins, you should also provide the tree with an iron fertilizer.

How can the lime be propagated?

Limes can be propagated from cuttings as well as seeds. You can do this in exactly the same way as you would with a lemon tree.

How is the lime tree overwintered?

Hibernate the lime in a light but cool room with temperatures between five and a maximum of 12 ° C. Water the plant regularly, you can do without fertilizer. Limes do not tolerate frost.

Tips & Tricks

Spider mites often appear after the winter break because the dry room air offers them ideal conditions. To prevent infestation, it is best to spray the lime tree regularly all around with water.