Flexible privacy screen with plants in the tub

Flexible privacy screen with plants in the tub

The classic privacy screen for the terrace

On many terraces, potted plants not only provide Mediterranean flair and green accents, but instead of a rigid stone wall as a terrace border, they also ensure the privacy on the terrace, which is so important for recreational value. The following plants in the pot are particularly popular with terrace owners as a symbol of the Mediterranean holiday feeling:

  • Lemon and orange trees
  • Palm trees
  • Banana trees
  • Olive trees
  • Fig trees
  • Kiwis with trellis

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Note, however, that most potted plants are grown in pots for a good reason and that they need sheltered and usually light winter quarters for the winter.

Bamboo and hedge plants in pots

Many garden owners want bamboo in the garden, but they shy away from planting it in the garden even when creating a Japanese garden. The fear is too great that the once planted bamboo could spread uncontrollably in the future as a persistent test of patience. This problem, which cannot be dismissed out of hand, is elegantly circumvented if suitable bamboo varieties are simply cultivated in sufficiently large planters. So you don't have to do without the attractive privacy protection plant and the bamboo still remains absolutely under control. Typical hedge plants such as cypresses, beeches or cherry laurel can also be used as a living privacy fence in sufficiently large pots.if the conditions on site (such as a floor sealed with stone slabs) make it necessary.

Annual plants as mobile privacy screens in the tub

Not only can Mediterranean citrus plants in pots be used as flexible privacy screens in the garden, many annual plants also look good in pots and plant troughs. For example, sunflowers placed in a row can result in a creative and thoroughly funny picture. Simple bamboo sticks in a small flower pot are enough to give the climbing nasturtiums space to develop. Gladioli usually thrive in a planter and can be used, for example, to seasonally raise a privacy wall or to ensure abundance of flowers on the terrace.


Potted plants that can be moved around can also serve well as privacy screens where such is generally undesirable or even forbidden by definition in the association's rules: In allotment gardens, partitioning is sometimes not welcome, in such cases plants in pots remain a discreet alternative left for a minimum of privacy.