When is it necessary to prune a beech tree?

When is it necessary to prune a beech tree?

When is the best time to prune?

If you want to prune back a beech, you should choose a frost-free day in February. The beech will sprout again from March. If you prune it later, it would bleed out and lose a lot of sap.

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A lighter pruning is still possible at the end of July. However, only smaller branches should be removed.

If the beech tree suffers from diseases, it is advisable to cut out the affected parts of the tree immediately.

Prune beeches properly

In most cases, the aim of trimming is to reduce the size of the crown or to give it a more pleasing shape.

When pruning the beech, carefully shorten the side branches so that there is always a side branch at the end. Then the tree sprouts well and the interfaces are no longer visible after a short time.

A full-grown beech should be shortened by a maximum of 2.50 meters. If the tree is still too big, spread the pruning over several years.

Do not prune the crown too much

When cutting back the beech crown, care must be taken that the cut is not too strong. The trunk must not be exposed to strong sunlight, but should also be shaded after the leaves have been cut. Otherwise there is a risk that the beech trunk will suffer from sunburn.

Do not thin out the crown too much because the thin beech branches with their leaves help to supply the tree with nutrients.

Cover large wounds with artificial bark

Beeches are very robust deciduous trees. However, if whole branches are cut when pruning, pests and fungi can penetrate.

Therefore, always cover large interfaces with artificial tree bark.


Before pruning a beech tree in summer, check to see if birds are breeding in the crown. If necessary, you should postpone cutting to a later date.