The shelf life of onions

The shelf life of onions

The storage of onions

Onions are used almost every day in the kitchen. So they are within easy reach, in the bucket under the sink, in the basket on the cabinet or on the worktop. Stored in this way, the tubers will keep for one to two weeks. Due to the prevailing climate in the kitchen, the onions begin to sprout quickly and, in the worst case, rot.

If you always buy a small amount of onion, it is sure not to spoil in the kitchen, but large amounts of onion have to be stored in another way.

Sliced ​​onions are stored in a can in the refrigerator and used as quickly as possible. They should never be wrapped in aluminum foil, as the metal taste and traces of aluminum can penetrate the onion.

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Store the onion harvest properly

If the onion harvest has turned out well, you would like to store it until winter or longer. If the conditions are right, the onions will keep for up to six months.

The shelf life depends on various criteria:

  • on the one hand from the onion variety
  • on the other hand, whether it is spring or winter onions

Onion varieties with a higher sulfur content bring more tears when cut, but they also have a longer shelf life.

The onion cultivated in the cold months can be stored longer than the summer onion. Summer onions are best eaten promptly.

Tips for buying onions

Not everyone owns a garden and grows their own onions. Usually the onions are bought for daily needs and for storage in stores.

If you want to store onions for a longer period, you have to consider various factors when buying them. The onions should be plump, firm and dry. They are not allowed to have green shoots. A wrinkled, stained peel indicates poor quality goods. If the onion is mushy or has a musty smell, it is no longer suitable for consumption.

After purchase, the onions are removed from their container and stored in an airy basket or box in the dark.

It must not be too damp at the storage location. If the humidity rises above 70%, there is a risk of mold formation.