Scaffolding for espalier fruit - simply build it yourself

Scaffolding for espalier fruit - simply build it yourself

Plan the scaffolding

The scaffolding should be based on the shape of the trellis and also be sufficiently large from the start. Subsequent corrections are not always easily possible. Here, longevity should also be considered. Some types of timber weather faster than others.

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Build before planting

In the first year of planting, the young tree gets its first shape cut. The remaining branches must be fixed in a certain position in order to raise the espalier fruit. That's why the scaffolding is set up first and then planted.

Material for a simple framework

Espalier fruit grows two-dimensionally. It is not difficult to build an accompanying scaffolding. Even if several trees are planted, for example as a privacy screen or a hedge on the property line, they usually stay in a straight row. You need the following materials from the Bauhaus:

  • a thick, impregnated wooden post for every two meters of trellis
  • but at least two pieces
  • sturdy wire
  • Fastening material


You can also use ground sockets and cover caps to protect the posts from moisture and thus extend their life.

Instructions step by step

  1. Measure and mark the positions for the wooden stakes. Also make sure that later they have to stand about 20 cm away from the fruit tree trunks.
  2. Drive all the stakes one after the other, about 50 cm deep into the ground.
  3. Stretch out the first row of wire, about 50 cm above the ground.
  4. Stretch two more rows of wire, 50 cm apart.