Planting balcony boxes imaginatively in autumn - tips for beautiful autumn planting

Planting balcony boxes imaginatively in autumn - tips for beautiful autumn planting

Blooming autumn planting - these plants bloom in autumn

The end of summer does not mean that the dreariness will find its way onto the balcony. In autumn, flowers and perennials take over the floral scepter, such as the carpet myrtle aster (Aster ericoides), whose white cup-shaped blossoms look like a pre-winter snowstorm in a flower box. (€ 13.18 at Amazon *) The following plants also enchant us with their opulent autumnal blooms:

  • Lily grape (Liriope muscari 'Big Blue'): blue grape blossoms from August to October; 30-50 cm
  • Autumn anemone (Anemone japonica): numerous varieties in beautiful autumn colors; 30-40 cm
  • Bergenia (Bergenia cordifolia 'Herbstblüte'): magnificent, dark pink autumn bloomer until November; 30 cm

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Seducers bring you a spectacular festival of colors. The undisputed prime for autumn planting is the Sedum variety 'Herbstfreude' with rust-red umbrella flowers.

Decorative leaf plants for the shady balcony

Planting the balcony box in the shade in autumn is one of the ultimate challenges for the creative hobby gardener. Only a few plants are prepared for the increasing lack of light and falling temperatures. Now is the time for these ornamental foliage plants, which, with their beautiful leaves, make the lack of colorful flowers a thing of the past:

  • Snow feather Funkie (Hosta undulata): wavy, twisted heart leaves in white and green; 25-35 cm
  • Gold Funkie 'Cracker Crumbs' (hosta hybrids): golden yellow decorative leaves with a delicate, green border; 20-30 cm
  • Stone feather (Asplenium trichomanes): mini fern with nicely feathered fronds; 10-20 cm

Wouldn't you like to do without pretty flowers on the poorly lit balcony in autumn? Then the bulky Aster 'Tradescant' is there. The 25 to 30 cm small beauty cannot be prevented by a shady location from delighting with dainty, white flowers in autumn. If you plant the flower box with a combination of Aster divaricatus and Hosta species, an autumnal-romantic ambience spreads on the balcony.


With colorful jute ribbons as autumn decorations, you can give your flower box an autumnal color. Wrap the balcony box with the ribbons and twist them into lush knots. To protect the root ball from the first cold nights, put a transparent film under the binding material.