Can you plant man-faithfully on the balcony?

Can you plant man-faithfully on the balcony?

This is how you plant men faithfully in the balcony box

Faithful to men grows to around 15 - 30 cm tall and fits very well between higher plants. In addition to the classic blue male faithfulness, there are now also varieties in other colors, such as white, pink or red and also hanging variants. The blue lobelia can be combined very well with other plants tone-on-tone or in contrasting colors.

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For a combination, choose plants with the same or at least similar needs. True to men, likes it sunny and warm, but also tolerates partial shade. However, it blooms more profusely in the sun. Regular fertilization and plenty of water, but not waterlogging, are also helpful. Possible neighbors are, for example, petunias and geraniums, but also the balloon flower or elephant.

How to keep men faithful on the balcony

True to men, it blooms profusely from June to October. Sometimes, however, the flower becomes a little sparse beforehand. With a complete pruning, you can encourage your plants to flower again in autumn. The blue lobelia needs some liquid fertilizer about every two weeks. It should be watered abundantly on warm days, possibly even in the morning and evening.

You should definitely avoid waterlogging. To do this, lay a good drainage layer made of old pottery shards or coarse gravel in the pot or balcony box. Alternatively, you can use a box that allows excess irrigation water to drain off directly. So that your newly purchased or freshly grown lobelia do not freeze to death, they may only be planted outside after the ice saints in May or remain outside overnight.

The best tips for loyal to men on the balcony:

  • Plant as sunny and warm as possible
  • Water abundantly on warm days
  • Avoid waterlogging at all costs
  • possibly choose balcony box with overflow
  • occasionally fertilize a little

Tips & Tricks

If the flowering diminishes significantly during the summer, cut back the male by about a third. In this way you can encourage it to flower again well into autumn.