When do experts harvest their elderberries?

When do experts harvest their elderberries?

Harvest time begins in August

If the summer weather has been within normal parameters so far, the first ripe berry umbels can be expected in August. Now the fruit branches bend towards the ground under the aromatic load. The collection time for elderberries extends well into September. Equipped with a washable basket, sharp scissors and gloves, the experts take action. You should pay attention to these tips:

  • only harvest completely colored cones
  • Use the scissors to cut off the entire umbel including the fruit stem
  • Elderberries with a reddish shimmer are poisonous and are plucked out

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Avoid the temptation to nibble on the raw fruits. The purple-black berries contain a toxin that only decomposes after cooking. Red elderberries have to be pitted because their kernels remain toxic even after heating.

Harvest time ends with the fall of leaves

Regardless of the calendar date, the beautiful elderberry season ends at the latest when the leaves fall. All elderberry species shed their fruity clusters along with their leaves. Smart hobby gardeners quickly pluck the shrub empty and freeze the harvest without further ado until processing.

Tips & Tricks

Anyone who collects elderberries in the wild should familiarize themselves with the differences between the harmless black elder and the poisonous dwarf elder. If in doubt, avoid any herbaceous plants with apparently ripe fruits if they also smell pathetic. The dangerous Attich also wears his berry umbels pointing upwards and not hanging like his big brother.