Kill weeds with the steam cleaner - does it work?

Kill weeds with the steam cleaner - does it work?

The principle of thermal weed killing?

Hot water or steam destroyed the cell structures of plants. Temperatures from 42 degrees are sufficient for these to break open and no longer fulfill their function.

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The condensed steam also seeps into the earth and damages the roots here. As a result, they can no longer absorb liquid and the plant inevitably dies.

The advantages of weed killing with the steam cleaner

This type of weed removal has numerous advantages over other home remedies:

  • The method is chemical-free and hardly pollutes the environment.
  • There are no restrictions on use near water.
  • The above-ground parts of the plant, including the seeds, are destroyed.
  • The roots are weakened so much that the plant dies.
  • With the steam jet, you can even reach areas that are difficult to access.

Does weed control work with every steam cleaner?

A hand steamer is sufficient for smaller areas or individual plants. In order for large-scale weed killing with the steam cleaner to work, you need a device with a large water tank, a powerful burst of steam and possibly an additional hot water function.

Are there any disadvantages?

Hot water and steam are very effective against weeds. However, this method is not entirely without negative points:

  • In the first year you have to steam the weeds three to four times. In the following years two applications are usually sufficient.
  • Sensitive tiles and paving stones can splinter or break from the hot steam.
  • The water consumption for large areas is high. Common household appliances have to be filled several times.
  • As the burst of steam scatters, neighboring plants can be damaged.
  • The hot water produced by the steam is also not good for soil life. The soil flora suffers, especially when used over a large area.


With long taproots, the effect of the hot steam is usually not sufficient. A root prick is a good solution here, with which you can cut out the plant and its roots relatively easily.