Freezing Hokkaido - the best ways presented

Freezing Hokkaido - the best ways presented

Raw or as puree - that is the question here

If you would like to preserve a Hokkaido by freezing it, you can basically choose between two methods:

  • in raw form
  • processed into puree

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Which variant is better depends on what you want to create with your Hokkaido later:

  • Should the mild, nutty pumpkin serve as a vegetable (for example as the main actor in a rice dish)? Then freeze the Hokkaido in raw form.
  • Are you planning to conjure up a delicious soup out of the pumpkin? Then freeze the Hokkaido as a mush.


If in doubt, it is advisable to freeze the pumpkin raw. So you still have all options when it comes to eating Hokkaido after a certain period of time (weeks or months). However, after freezing and thawing, it can be more time-consuming to process the pumpkin into a soup.

Method # 1: Freeze Hokkaido in its raw form

  1. If you don't want to eat the bowl, remove it. Basically the shell of the Hokkaido is edible. This distinguishes it from other types of pumpkin, from which you should generally remove the skin.
  2. Cut the Hokkaido open and remove the stem and the stones. Use a sharp knife and a large spoon (unless you have special tools at home). Do not throw away the kernels; keep them. You can roast them and spice up various dishes with them.
  3. Use a sharp knife to cut the “hollowed out” Hokkaido into small pieces (like cubes).
  4. Fill the pieces into freezer bags or other containers that are suitable for your freezer.

Warning: unlike most vegetables, blanching is not advisable for hokkaidos (and pumpkins in general). Otherwise they will quickly become soft and mushy.

Method # 2: Freeze Hokkaido as a mus

  1. Cut open the Hokkaido and hollow it out (stem end, seeds - see method # 1, step 2). Just leave the bowl on - it will (also) become puree when you puree it. Then cut the pumpkin again into small pieces (see method # 1, step 3).
  2. Put the hokkaido pieces in a saucepan with a little water. The pieces should be lightly covered with water.
  3. Steam the pieces for about 20 minutes until they are soft.
  4. Pour off the hokkaido pieces, removing the water (use a sieve).
  5. Put the pieces back in the pot and puree them with a hand blender.
  6. Let the purée cool down.
  7. Fill the hokkaidomus into a sufficiently large freezer container.
  8. Place the filled container in the freezer.

Note: Whether raw or as puree - your frozen Hokkaido can be kept for around four to six months.

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