Cut the eucalyptus

Cut the eucalyptus

Tips for pruning

  • The right time for pruning is spring.
  • The eucalyptus is very easy to cut.
  • Feel free to shorten the branches considerably. Adjust the remaining size to your space.
  • The pruning promotes renewed budding.
  • It is even possible that growth will accelerate after pruning.
  • Treat remaining wounds with a wound closure agent.
  • Do not cut into the roots.

The eucalyptus gunii

The eucalyptus is actually very easy to care for. If only it weren't for the constant pruning, which must not be neglected in both garden and container culture. The Eucalyptus gunii variety, however, is the perfect tree for lazy gardeners. In contrast to the common eucalyptus, which grows an impressive 9-130 cm per year as a houseplant, this species only grows by 40 cm per year. A pruning is therefore not necessary as often.

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What to do with the cut leaves

So that the eucalyptus retains its beautiful appearance, you should not only remove annoying branches, but also pluck brown leaves. These do not necessarily have to go to the compost. Use old, but not completely dried leaves to make tea. Doused with hot water, they make a wonderfully aromatic drink that is very effective against cold symptoms.