Multiply mint easily with cuttings - this is how it works

Multiply mint easily with cuttings - this is how it works

Cut cuttings at the right time

Shortly before flowering in June, not only is the aroma content at the highest level, but the entire plant energy. Hence, this time is recommended to cut the best cuttings. How to do it right:

  • sharpen and disinfect the cutting tool
  • Select strong head cuttings without flowers
  • Cut to a length of 15-20 centimeters

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After each branch has been defoliated in the lower half, it is perfectly prepared for further use.

Root cuttings in water

So that the young mint starts with an advantageous growth advantage in the bed, we recommend rooting in a water glass. For this purpose, put the prepared cuttings in a glass with water to which you add a piece of charcoal to prevent rot. In the warm, partially shaded place, you can experience up close how many delicate root strands are formed. Ideally, the water is changed every few days.

Plant cuttings in the bed immediately

Instead of taking the detour via the water glass, many hobby gardeners prefer to plant cuttings directly in the bed. How to do it:

  • Weed the soil thoroughly in a sunny to partially shaded location
  • loosen the soil with the rake and optimize it with compost or granulated cattle manure
  • Drill small holes with a wooden stick so that half of the cuttings can be found

If you wish to breed several mints, the planting distance is at least 50 centimeters. Fill in the soil so that it reaches just below the first pair of leaves. Ideally, water from the spray bottle is used for pouring, so that the delicate plants are not immediately washed out again. Small wooden sticks give your pupils support in the first few weeks.

Tips & Tricks

Almost all types of mint with their sweeping roots set out on a conquest through the garden. You can put a stop to this drift by placing the cuttings in a pot and this in the soil. Alternatively, draw a root barrier around each plant to a depth of 50 centimeters and within a radius of 30-40 centimeters.