How do I remove a hazelnut bush?

How do I remove a hazelnut bush?

Not an easy undertaking

Anyone who does not plan well in advance will be annoyed later. The hazelnut spreads rapidly in its location and, if not pruned regularly, can reach dimensions of up to 7 m in height.

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However, its size is not the worst problem. It is its roots that make removing it a laborious process. Even if you saw the stems of the hazelnut deeply, it will tend to sprout again above its root shoot ... Two methods can now help!

Method # 1: regularity brings success

This method requires patience. How to proceed:

  • Relentlessly saw off all branches and twigs.
  • Clear the trunk (s).
  • Since new drives appear over and over again: remove the new drives.
  • After about 3 years, the plant will run out of strength and will no longer sprout.

Method # 2: Radical and Labor Intensive

This method is more labor-intensive. It removes the roots of the hazelnut, regardless of whether it is a hazelnut tree or a hazelnut bush. This requires effort and a lot of time. The reason: Although the hazelnut is a shallow root, it has a strong taproot which, with pitch, can protrude up to 4 m.

Remove root:

  • Radically saw off the trunks together with the branches and twigs, for example with a chainsaw.
  • Expose everything as deeply as possible around the hazelnut (side roots extend up to 6 m in width from the trunk).
  • Expose and remove the root stem.
  • Chop up the remaining thick roots.
  • Thin roots die off over time.

Tips & Tricks

In order to save yourself the procedure of removing the hazelnut, the choice of location should be well thought out when planting. Once planted, the hazelnut is difficult to remove after a few years.