So you can build a waterfall from artificial rocks yourself

So you can build a waterfall from artificial rocks yourself

It's that easy to make artificial rocks yourself

You can buy artificial rocks in hardware stores or garden shops - or make them yourself with simple means. And that's how it works:

The basic materials you need are styrofoam, if necessary PP or PE film, rabbit wire, even mortar mixed with trass cement, sand and tile adhesive, as well as epoxy resin and fine granite sand. The quantities depend on how large the artificial rock (s) should ultimately be. The mortar mixture consists of one part of trass cement, three parts of sand, one part of tile adhesive, water and a splash of detergent and should be easy to knead. The basic structure of the artificial rock consists of appropriately stacked and cut styrofoam, which was first wrapped in foil and then with rabbit wire. The wire is mainly used for stabilization.

  • Then apply several layers of mortar, each layer should dry thoroughly.
  • With the last layer you finally model the surface of the “rock”.
  • To do this, first smooth the modeling clay with a wet brush.
  • Now crumple up a piece of aluminum foil and use it to work on the rock surface.
  • So you can create irregular structures like a real rock.
  • Let the “rock” rest for a day, until the material has hardened halfway.
  • Now dig in the typical depressions and grooves with a spatula.
  • Smooth out the rock with coarse sandpaper.
  • Now paint the finished artificial rock with epoxy resin or clear parquet varnish.
  • Scatter the fine sand with the help of a sieve.
  • Let the rock dry thoroughly.

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The finished rock or rocks can now be used for decoration or to build a waterfall.


To make the artificial rock look even more real, you can also paint it in dark colors with heavily diluted tinting paint. Make sure to color depressions darker than areas that are higher up. This will give you more depth.