Dream tree for the front yard - beautiful little trees for your home

Dream tree for the front yard - beautiful little trees for your home

Ball trees - contemporary classics with style

Small trees with a spherical crown are the most popular leading figures in imaginative front gardens. The following species and varieties not only impress with their shapely crown, but also remain at a height that is appropriate to the limited space available:

  • Ball trumpet tree 'Nana' (Catalpa bignoides), height 200 to 300 cm
  • Ball maple 'Globossum' (Acer platanoides), height 300 to 450 cm
  • Round robin 'Umbraculifera' (Robinia pseudoacacia), height 400 to 500 cm

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Are you in the mood for a house tree that is not found in every front yard? Then two small trees come into focus, which are still considered an insider tip. The globe steppe cherry 'Globosa' (Prunus fruticosa) is only 200 to 300 cm tall and blooms with a bright white in spring. The spherical swamp oak 'Green Dwarf' (Quercus palustris) also does not stretch higher towards the sky and enchants with a furious foliage color in autumn.

Picturesque hanging crowns in mini format

The romantic design of the front garden comes into its own with hanging shapes. The following small trees are characterized by small crowns, the branches of which dangle elegantly:

  • Hanging cat willow 'Pendula' (Salix caprea), stem height of the finishing 60 to 100 cm and higher
  • Red beech 'Purple Fountain' (Fagus sylvatica, height 400 to 600 cm
  • Willow-leaved hanging pear 'Pendula' (Pyrus salicifolia), height 400 to 600 cm

Refined tall trunks, like the hanging kitten willow, are very popular as small trees for the small front yard. Once selected, the trunk height of the rootstock remains, while only the crown increases in size. Regular cuts keep the expansion under control.

Elegant columnar growth requires little space

Column-shaped trees are the hit in imaginative front garden design. The slim growth form sets decorative accents and creates more depth in the appearance. The following columnar trees are predestined for house trees, because they also prove to be extremely pruning:

  • Column hornbeam 'Frans Fontaine' (Carpinus betulus), height 600 to 800 cm
  • Column cherry 'Amanogawa' ((Prunus serrulata), height 350 to 500 cm
  • Column mountain ash 'Fastigiata' (Sorbus aucuparia), 500 to 800 cm tall
  • Columnar hawthorn 'Stricta' (Crataegus monogyna), height 400 to 600 cm

Small trees with a columnar shape are not only suitable for solitary house trees in the front yard. In rows they gather to form an opaque hedge that protects your front yard privacy.


Do you prefer creative garden design with bushes? Then, with a little patience, you can grow a flowering bush into a standard stem. Roses, lilacs, wisteria and hydrangea are ideal candidates for training to become a flowering little tree.