What to do when the yucca palm turns brown leaves

What to do when the yucca palm turns brown leaves

The most common causes of brown leaves

Usually the leaves of the yucca dry up from the leaf tips until the whole leaf finally looks brown and dried up. Don't make the mistake of cutting off the brown tips of the leaves, this not only looks very strange, but also does not actually help. The interface will dry up again and turn brown. It is better to live with the brown leaf tips or cut off the affected leaves completely. Completely dried up leaves can also be easily plucked off.

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Lack of water / too much water

Regardless of whether it is outside or inside: If the yucca has brown leaves, this is almost always due to an excess of water. The plants should only be watered moderately and need good drainage so that excess water or (in the case of planted specimens) rainwater can drain away quickly. If the plant is permanently too moist, the roots will rot. If the trunk and shoots finally soften, the plant can usually no longer be saved - only cut, still healthy shoots can be planted as cuttings.


Over-fertilization can also cause the leaves to turn brown. Fertilize the plant moderately and, above all, only during the growing season between March and September - in winter the yucca needs a rest period. Palm lilies in the garden such as Yucca filamentosa or Yucca gloriosa do not have to be fertilized at all, they take care of themselves.


If the indoor yucca gets brown leaves during the winter months, this could also be due to a lack of light and / or the dry heating air.