Is the weigela poisonous?

Is the weigela poisonous?

Weigela is not poisonous, so it is also suitable for a family garden. However, it is considered inedible and is not one of the useful plants. The flowers are also not suitable for consumption and should therefore not be used as a decoration on food.

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What should I watch out for when planting weigelia?

The lush flowers of a weigela come into their own when the plant has enough space. If possible, it should be in the sun, even if it also thrives in a partially shaded location. The more light it gets, the more beautiful and luxuriant a weigela will bloom. In the shade the flower is very sparse or your weigela does not flower at all.

Weigela also looks wonderful in a hedge. There it can be easily combined with other plants and provides a colorful change in green. For planting in a tub, the varieties that stay small are most likely to come into question. A tall weigela like the Bristol Ruby needs special care and possibly a special cut.

The essentials in brief:

  • non-toxic
  • inedible
  • suitable for family gardens


The weigela is not suitable for consumption, but it is also not poisonous. Permanent damage is not to be expected if a flower lands in the mouth.