Can I make a bed frame out of wood myself?

Can I make a bed frame out of wood myself?

Which wood is suitable for edging a bed?

If you want to enjoy your wooden bed border for many years to come, then you should use durable wood for it. Douglas fir, oak, larch and robinia, for example, are relatively weather-resistant, but they are not as inexpensive as soft wood. You should treat soft and less weather-resistant woods before setting them in damp soil so that they do not rot too quickly.

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Suitable woods for weatherproof bed borders:

  • Oak
  • Black locust
  • Douglas fir
  • larch

How did I create a wooden bed frame

A wooden border is not to be equated with a picket fence. You have numerous design options for a bed border. Low palisades are quite popular. They can be created at a uniform height, but also deliberately irregularly. Simply hit weather-resistant wood with a mallet into the ground to the desired height.

The braided border

If you are reasonably skilled with your craft, you can also braid your bed border yourself. The young shoots of willow and hazel bushes are suitable for this. But don't leave the cut shoots too long, otherwise they will dry out and become hard. Then braiding will quickly become a real show of strength for you.

If the wood you need grows in your garden, this edging is also very inexpensive. Both hazel bushes and willows can be cut back quite generously without the shrub being permanently damaged. So you can renew your edging at any time.

The quick tour

If you would like to create a bed frame made of wood with very little effort, then buy prefabricated palisade elements in the hardware store. These are round or semicircular pieces of wood that are attached to each other with strips or wire. Elements with wire can be bent into different shapes or adapted to existing curves and easily hammered into the (loose) earth with a wooden hammer.


If your garden is extremely humid, then wooden bed frames may be less suitable or they need to be renewed regularly.