Can dogs eat peanuts?

Can dogs eat peanuts?

Peanuts are not poisonous, but they are rich in histamine

  • Not poisonous
  • Contain a lot of histamine
  • Are very high in fat
  • Can cause allergies
  • Can cause epilepsy attacks

Allergies from the histamine

What makes peanuts dangerous for dogs is the high level of histamine.

Allergic dogs respond to this just like people with shortness of breath and other reactions.

Seizures of Epilepsy from Peanuts

Some vets warn against letting dogs eat peanuts. The reason for this is the risk that the ingredients in the peanut can cause epilepsy attacks.

Tips & Tricks

If swollen eyelids, heavy panting or other abnormalities occur after eating peanuts, the veterinarian or the animal emergency call center should be called immediately. Dogs with confirmed allergies or epilepsies should be brought to the veterinarian's office immediately if they accidentally eat peanuts.