Olives need light and air

Olives need light and air

Olives should be left outside for the summer

Unfortunately, this question has to be answered in the negative, because olive trees need a lot of light and air in summer. They are real “outside trees”, which usually wither indoors due to a lack of light. Olive trees should be kept in the bucket, but placed outside as soon as no frost nights or frost periods are expected. In addition, the Mediterranean plants need a resting phase in winter, in which they can overwinter at around eight to a maximum of ten degrees - if possible, packed frost-proof, outdoors, for example on a house wall.

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Do not keep olives in a warm place all year round

Olives do not tolerate being kept indoors in warm temperatures all year round. If the tree is incorrectly overwintered, it often sheds many or all of its leaves and can even dry out. In addition, there is a greatly increased risk that a room olive kept in the apartment will become infected with pests (e.g. scale insects) or fungi. Such damage occurs in particular in weakened plants. Furthermore, room olives often grow even more slowly than the plant does anyway, do not bloom or bloom very little and also do not develop any fruit.

Optimal conditions for olives

Instead of in the room, you should place your olive tree in a bucket, but in a sheltered location outdoors for too long as possible. This can be a sunny balcony - a south-facing balcony is ideal - but also a terrace or a small garden. In winter you can bring the olive tree into the apartment or house, but only overwinter in a cool and bright location. A heated living room, for example, is not suitable, but a hardly or little heated bedroom or stairwell is more suitable. Make sure you have a sunny location as possible, even in winter. The actually evergreen tree acknowledges a lack of light by shedding its leaves.

Tips & Tricks

If you have fallen in love with the distinctive exterior of an olive and would like to have such a tree in your living room, then you can alternatively opt for a Ficus macrocarpa. The distinctive large-leaved fig has a spreading, evergreen crown and a very gnarled trunk.

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