How to design a balcony box with grasses - ideas for the planting plan

How to design a balcony box with grasses - ideas for the planting plan

Top 5 of the ideal grasses for the sunny flower box

Grasses are much more than fillers or extras for large perennials. The following 5 premium species for sunny locations provide convincing evidence that grasses have the potential to be a leading actor:

  • Fuchsia sedge (Carex buchananii) with reddish brown spikes in summer
  • Crested sedge 'Frosted Curls' (Carex comans) with gracefully twisted, silvery-green stalks
  • Magellanic blue grass (Elymus magellanicus), the steel-blue ornamental grass for the sunny flower box
  • Blue fescue 'Elijah Blue' (Festuca Cinerea), a long-lived grass beauty with ice-blue stalks
  • Japan golden ribbon grass 'Aureola' (Hakonechloa macra), the ornamental grass with golden stripes and exciting autumn colors

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Annuals and hardy ornamental grasses are the perfect candidates for replacing withered summer flowers in late summer. Instead of long quarreling with the withered flowers, pot the flowers out and replace them with autumn-attractive grasses, such as mountain sedge (Carex montana) with sulfur-yellow brush spikes.

Top 3 shadow parkers among the ornamental grasses

When there is a lack of light on the north balcony, the time for the shade-tolerant grasses strikes. The following types and varieties transform the flower box (€ 13.18 at Amazon *) into a green work of art in a low-light location:

  • Mushroom sedge 'The Beatles' (Carex Digitata): the name of the variety says it all
  • Shadow sedge (Carex umbrosa), the easy-care problem solver for shady and dry locations
  • Snow marbel (Luzula nivea) inspires with white pompom flowers over filigree, evergreen stalks

Color contrasts with gravel and bark mulch - this is how it works

On the shady balcony, flowers and perennials are mostly unsuitable as color contrasting agents. Creative hobby gardeners are not discouraged by this, but simply use white pebbles, red or blue pine bark as mulch (€ 213.00 at Amazon *) under the grass in the balcony box.


With flowers, grasses in the window box form a harmonious community. If you don't want to limit yourself to a green basic chord, socialize ornamental grasses with blue lobelia, perky pansies and elegant hanging petunias. Onion flowers such as crocuses, march breakers or snowdrops ensure a blooming start to the year.