Planting a columbine works like this!

Planting a columbine works like this!

Which location does a columbine like?

The Columbine prefers to grow in a sunny to partially shaded location. But even in the shade or the blazing midday sun, it shows no problems. The lighter it is, the higher it grows. Suitable locations can be found, for example, in perennial beds, in rock gardens, on roadsides and on the edge of trees. The columbine even thrives in pots.

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Do columbines need a high quality substrate?

These plants are considered to be extremely undemanding. If you want to plant your columbine in a pot, conventional potting soil will do. In the field, the substrate should ideally have the following properties:

  • humus
  • permeable z. B. by some gravel or sand
  • fresh
  • slightly loamy
  • wet

Before planting, the soil is loosened. It is advisable to remove weeds so that the columbine can grow unhindered. Once established, it appears anew every year and displaces many other plants. Last but not least, it is advisable to enrich the planting hole with ripe compost.

What is the ideal planting time?

By mid-May, it's time to plant the columbine. Before that, there is a risk that frost will cause problems for this plant. Only after the ice saints in May can the Columbine grow without any challenges.

How can these plants be reproduced?

Columbines are easy to breed. They can reproduce by self-sowing. But you can also take the sowing into your own hands. Both no-till and home preferring work. Direct sowing takes place from April / May and pre-cultivation from March.

That's how it's done:

  • Mix seeds with sand and scatter
  • Cover 3 to 5 mm thick with soil
  • place in the shade
  • moisten and keep moist
  • ideal germination temperature: 17 to 20 ° C
  • Germination time 4 to 6 weeks
  • Prick from a height of 5 cm
  • Plant out preferred columbines in a suitable location
  • Distance between the individual plants: 25 to 30 cm

Tips & Tricks

The columbine looks most beautiful in tuffs in the middle of other perennials such as silver candles, asters, hydrangeas, hostas, field chervil, ferns, daffodils, iron hats and bleeding hearts.