Filter the water in the aquarium with Efeutute

Filter the water in the aquarium with Efeutute

Efeutute ensures better water quality in the aquarium

Efeututen do not provide a decorative eye-catcher in the aquarium. The plants, especially the roots, purify the water. They naturally remove phosphates and nitrates from it. This will reduce the build-up of algae and you will have less work cleaning the pool. Efeutute creates healthier water conditions for the aquarium inhabitants.

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Do not plant females

To improve the water quality with Efeututen, simply put a few cut branches in the water or hang them in the aquarium so that the lower part extends into the water. Within a short time, roots form at the lower ends and the ivy grows. The waste from the aquarium inhabitants, which acts like fertilizer, also contributes to this.

Most aquarists prefer cuttings, which they root in a water glass. Then the branches are placed in the water so that only the lower stems with the roots are covered by water.

Pull the ivy in the pot in the aquarium

If you want to contain the spread of the efeutute in the aquarium, you can also put them in the tank in the pot. To do this, use vessels in which you poke several small holes.

Plant the efeutute in pots that you fill with expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) or lava rock. Hang the vessels above the water surface in the aquarium so that only the lower part of the pot is in the water. The cleaning effect of the water is done by the roots that are in the water.

Never use ivy that you have planted in real soil. They perish in the water.

Maintain females in the aquarium

The efeutute does not need much maintenance in the aquarium. Basically, this is another form of hydroponics. You can simply leave the instincts of the efeutute to themselves and let them spread.

However, you should occasionally shorten them so that the females do not overgrow the entire aquarium.

Efeutute gets yellow leaves under water

The yellow leaves are almost always those that were already on the shoot when they were placed in the aquarium. Just cut them off.

Leaves newly sprouted under water will in most cases retain their strong, healthy color.


Efeututen are plants that are native to the tropics. You can cope with almost any environmental condition. The houseplant, which is unfortunately poisonous, becomes particularly vigorous if you water it with water from the aquarium.