One thing becomes a whole flock - just multiply garlic

One thing becomes a whole flock - just multiply garlic

Grow offspring from cloves of garlic or broiling onions

Even a single bulb of garlic provides numerous cloves that are suitable for propagation. Only choose a healthy, firm and as fresh as possible onion. Divide these a few days before planting so that the interfaces dry.

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If a gardener friend is already cultivating garlic, this is the way to get to the rare garlic seeds. After flowering, the bulbs present themselves under white covers at the end of the long stems. The purple beads just have to be cut out.

This is how they can propagate in beds and balcony boxes

You can choose to start the garlic propagation project in October or February. A sunny location in the bed and on the balcony increases the chances of success significantly. In addition, the potting soil should be humic, permeable, fresh and loamy-sandy.

  • Prepare the soil finely crumbly and free from weeds
  • a little sand or compost will improve the soil
  • First insert the garlic cloves with the broad end about 5-7 cm deep
  • sow the mini onions 2-3 cm deep

Do not miss the final pouring on so that the offspring can quickly spread their roots. In the following days and weeks, only regular weeding and watering are on the maintenance plan. A forward planting distance of 15-20 cm makes this part of the propagation a lot easier.

Propagation by sowing requires patience

The visual difference between garlic cloves and seeds alone leaves no room for doubt. Propagation with the help of the tiny bulbs takes up to two years longer.

Clever hobby gardeners therefore place garlic cloves in a bed with the aim of a quick harvest. They sow the seeds elsewhere in order to secure the harvest for the garlic season after next.

Tips & Tricks

Experienced hobby gardeners advocate removing the blooms on garlic in order to improve the harvest yield. If you allow at least one plant to flower, the subsequent bulbs will provide you with plenty of plant material for propagation in the next season.