How to build a flower box from pallets yourself

How to build a flower box from pallets yourself

Material and tool list

  • 1 Euro pallet (new or used)
  • 1 black, large garbage bag or pond liner
  • Hand tacker
  • Jigsaw or handsaw
  • hammer
  • Nails
  • 2 m hemp rope
  • Sandpaper or orbital sander

Euro pallets (€ 16.99 at Amazon *) are mostly made of pine wood that is impregnated with heat and without the use of chemical substances. The pallets are used throughout Europe for transport purposes according to a cross-border exchange system. Again and again some of these pallets fall out of the system and can be purchased by private individuals. Please note that a discarded euro pallet is also worth cash and not a waste product. Do not just take a pallet on the side of the road with you. Inquire with the owner whether he can hand it over for free or for a purchase price.

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Instructions for the renovation work

The following instructions explain step by step how to convert a Euro pallet into a small balcony box that you can hang on the wall or a railing. How to do it right:

  • Saw off the lower part of the pallet
  • Sand down the resulting edges
  • Use the wood drill for the hemp rope to drill holes in the upright wooden slats
  • Pull the rope through, knot and fix with the all-purpose glue
  • Close the flower box (€ 13.18 at Amazon *) from below with one or two pallet boards
  • Cut the boards to size and nail them down

If the pallet boards close the flower box flush, please drill two small holes to drain the water. Only then do you line the box with the cut open garbage bag or pond liner. Tack the film on all sides. Finally, cut the lining over the bottom holes in a cross shape so that irrigation water can run off unhindered.

Decorative board calls plants by name - this is how it works with blackboard paint

A Euro pallet as a balcony box is ideal for planting herbs in it. So that you don't have to puzzle over which species thrive here later, mark the plants with the help of a board. This can be done very easily with special blackboard paint. The liquid paint hardens within 24 hours and can then be labeled again and again, similar to a school blackboard.

Sand the front of the balcony box smooth and mark the painting area with masking tape. Blurred edges can be corrected later with sandpaper without any problems. After the blackboard paint has dried, form a decorative frame from the rest of the hemp rope by attaching the rope all around with all-purpose glue.


In order to make a Euro-pallet flower box winter-proof, the natural appearance does not have to be impaired by bubble wrap. Cover the balcony box with winter fleece made of sheep's wool or coconut mats, (116.09 € at Amazon *) you protect the plants from frost damage and still not commit a style break.