Harvesting peppers - one should pay attention to this

Harvesting peppers - one should pay attention to this

Harvest peppers at different stages of ripeness

Whether filled, steamed, grilled or dried - peppers from your own garden or balcony taste delicious. With the right care, fully ripe peppers can be harvested in abundance.

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Why would you prefer red to green?

Many people love bell peppers, but prefer the red or yellow pods to the green ones. Why? The green peppers are not a different variety; they are not yet ripe. That is why they do not taste fruity and sweet compared to the red pods, but rather bitter. Seeds from unripe pods cannot germinate and are unsuitable for growing peppers yourself.

No matter which type of pepper - the harvest time is the same

It takes around 3 weeks for green peppers to become ripe and red. The harvest season begins in July and lasts until October. If you cover the pepper plants with foil in autumn or overwinter in the greenhouse, you can extend the harvest time by another 3 to 4 weeks and enjoy fresh pods in November.

Green peppers ripen after harvest

Green peppers cannot simply ripen. But this method has proven itself: Put the peppers in a box. Put the ripe tomato in the middle, close the box well and place in a cool place for 2 to 3 weeks. Check the box frequently to ensure that it is completely dry. And then just let yourself be surprised whether the green pods have turned red.

The 3 most important pepper harvesting tips

  • Only harvest peppers when they are fully ripe. This guarantees the highest vitamin content and the best aroma.
  • Harvest bell peppers in the morning or early morning because that's when they have the most nutrients.
  • Cut off the peppers with a sharp processing knife or scissors so as not to damage the shoots and other fruits.

Tips & Tricks

The peppers should be harvested by the end of October. After the pod has been separated, the plant has time to close the open stems again until the frost breaks.