Freeze oregano for later use

Freeze oregano for later use

Preparation for freezing

Just before or during flowering, cut the oregano sprigs about a hand's breadth above the ground. Both the tasty oregano leaves and the delicately colored lip flowers are ideal for freezing.

  • Wash the twigs thoroughly after harvesting and let them dry well.
  • Only then pluck the leaves and flowers from the branches. This is how the essential oils are preserved.
  • Sort out brown and damaged leaves.
  • The leaves can be frozen whole or chopped, depending on individual preference.

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Suitable containers

Oregano is often frozen in large containers. This has the disadvantage that it is difficult to remove the required amount of the herb. In addition, due to the frequent opening and closing of the container, ice crystals form on the herb, which can affect the taste.

Make your own frozen herb cubes

Therefore, freeze the oregano in individual portions in an ice cube tray. Pour a little water over the herbs so that they are just covered with liquid. Once frozen, you can stack the cubes in a larger container to save space and always have the right amount of oregano at hand.

Oregano intensifies its aroma when it is cooked. Add the frozen herb to the food and let the herb ice cube thaw directly in the food.

Please do not thaw the herb cubes before use. During this process, the liquid contained in the leaves also melts. This process destroys the cell walls of the plant and the essential oils, which are responsible for the aromatic taste, evaporate.

storage time

Frozen oregano should be used within a year. Since the next harvest is already due within this period, you can always fall back on fresh oregano from the freezer.

Tips & Tricks

Many culinary herbs can be preserved by deep freezing. If you love herbal blends, you can put them together according to your personal preferences and freeze them.


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