The hydrangea enchants with blooming flowers in the shade

The hydrangea enchants with blooming flowers in the shade

Hydrangeas are very shade-tolerant

Give the hydrangea a sheltered place in partial shade. The hydrangea also tolerates all-day shade well. Since it thrives excellently in those garden areas where only a few flowering plants grow, the hydrangea with its magnificent flower umbels considerably expands the horticultural design possibilities.

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Optimal: a protected location under tall trees

Richly blooming hydrangeas and the old trees of a green area are a visual feast for the eyes. As a forest plant, the hydrangea feels very comfortable in the light shade of the trees and can therefore be planted very well as undergrowth.

Caution: Only deep-rooted plants can be planted well

Trees such as apple trees, rowan berries, oak or pine develop only a few main roots that extend deep into the depths. The hydrangea can develop its roots perfectly under these trees. Since only a small amount of rainfall penetrates to the ground through the dense treetop, you have to make sure that the “water slurper” has enough moisture available.

Hydrangeas for very shady locations

Not all hydrangeas tolerate deep shade equally well. Preferably plant one of these varieties here:

  • Farmer's hydrangea: The classic hydrangea that can grow up to two meters high. They also bloom profusely in the shade and are also known as ball hydrangeas because of their large, round flower umbels.
  • Snowball hydrangea: Hardy and very shade-friendly. The best known variety is the white flowering “Annabell”.
  • Climbing hydrangeas: These hydrangeas form adherent roots that allow you to climb rough walls with ease. If this hydrangea cannot find anything to climb, it will grow crawling. This allows you to green bare areas under trees with this hydrangea.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to plant trees under, you should pay attention to the main roots of the tree when digging the planting hole for the hydrangea. While superficial root felt can be safely removed, a truncated main root can weaken the tree so massively that it even dies.