Rabbits in the garden - this is how you compliment the rabbits out

Rabbits in the garden - this is how you compliment the rabbits out

Make repellants yourself - this is how it works

You already have the ingredients for an effective deterrent against wild rabbits in your pantry or at least on your shopping list. Since rabbits abhor hot aromas, the kitchen will provide you with everything you need for a home-made repellent spray. That is how it goes:

  • Pour 4 liters of warm water into a large container
  • Add a tablespoon of tabasco sauce
  • Add a tablespoon of detergent or liquid soap as an emulsifier
  • Shake the mixture well and leave it in the sun for a while
  • Pour the finished solution into a hand or pressure sprayer

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If you don't have Tabasco sauce on hand, garlic cloves, 2 teaspoons of red or black pepper and chilli sauce are useful alternatives. Alternatively, you can use all the ingredients together. With this hot mix you can spray the ground wherever the rabbits are up to mischief.

Ready-to-use repellent products for gentle expulsion

For rabbit-afflicted house gardeners with limited time, the specialist trade offers ready-to-use deterrents. These only contain vegetable raw materials, such as lavadin oil. We looked around the range and put together these tried and tested products for you:

  • Rabbit stop from Neudorff as granules for scattering, 1 kg for a price from 9.90 euros
  • Wild animal stop from Schacht as a spray, 500 ml bottle for a price from 12.90 euros
  • Contra-Katz from Stähler as granulate or spray at a price from 8.80 euros

A new product from Celaflor demonstrates how you can hunt rabbits to hell with clear water. The garden guard is equipped with a motion sensor and suddenly sprays the approaching hare with a sharp jet of water. In this way, a single device protects up to 130 square meters of garden area from cats, martens, foxes, deer and other hungry animals.


Lavadin oil is useful in numerous areas of gentle, natural defense against uninvited guests. You effectively keep underground visitors to your kitchen and ornamental garden at a distance with the lavender extract in the form of gas in cartridges. The fine noses of moles and voles cannot stand the intense scent either.