Prepare the site for the begonias

Prepare the site for the begonias

Begonias make shady places colorful and blooming

Begonias bring the colorful diversity with them from their subtropical home. The varieties available from us are cultivars whose properties have been optimized for indoor, balcony and garden plants.

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Their tireless urge to bloom and their insensitivity make them all-rounders for indoors and outdoors where you can't go wrong. Even if the existing conditions are a bit adverse. The plants grow herbaceous and often form tubers or rhizomes. Their peculiarity is that they store water in their fleshy (succulent) leaves and stems and that snails are resistant.

This is what begonias want from the optimal location and soil

Due to their range of locations from partially shaded to shady, begonias decorate shady spots where only a few plants feel comfortable. The cardinal points north, east and west with shadow can be made colorful with begonia varieties. Basically you should consider the following location and soil conditions.

  • shady to partially shaded
  • no direct midday sun
  • nutrient-rich, humus soil
  • Low in lime, well permeable to water
  • no waterlogging
  • Humus with sand
  • water and fertilize sufficiently

The begonia cultivars we cultivate love shady locations. Climatically, they prefer warm weather. But no direct heat or midday sun. They cannot tolerate cold periods with sub-zero temperatures. They must be prepared for wintering by October at the latest.

Nice contrast of flowers and leaves

The advantage of planting begonias is that they pamper our senses not only with their permanent and colorful blooms, but also with their shiny leaves. As a result, begonias also work as single plantings in flower boxes (€ 13.18 at Amazon *) and in garden design. They don't necessarily have to be combined with other summer flowers.

The shapes and colors of the begonias also make them enthusiastic plants and awaken a passion for collecting such as these gems.

  • Double ice begonia Doublet Pink or Gumdrop Pink
  • Elatior begonias, such as the indoor begonia named Eva
  • Pin Up Rosa, a tuberous begonia with large flowers
  • Belleconia Apricot Blush, a hanging begonia

Tips & Tricks

Are you dreaming of a colorful carpet of flowers? Then simply arrange begonias with fuchsias and noble lizards. They have the same demands. And you create a colorful eye-catcher for people and animals.