The flowering time of the sunflower

The flowering time of the sunflower

Sunflowers bloom from summer to frost

Even in summer the first sunflowers shine in their beautiful yellow, orange and reddish tones.

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The sunflower blooms from June to October. How long and when sunflowers bloom also depends on environmental factors and planting times.

In any case, the flowering time of the sunflower ends with the first frost. The plant, which comes from North and Central America, unfortunately cannot tolerate sub-zero temperatures.

When sunflowers bloom depends on a number of factors

  • Sowing date
  • Planting date
  • warmth
  • humidity
  • Nutrient content of the soil

Sunflowers take a long time to develop their beautiful flowers. This is not surprising considering the size of the flowers.

Sunflowers are not hardy. They can therefore only be planted outdoors after the ice saints or sown directly outdoors at the end of April. For earlier flowering it is therefore worthwhile to prefer the flowers indoors.

Sunflowers bloom longer in sunny weather

Its name already gives it away: Sunflowers need sun to thrive and bloom for a long time. In rainy summers it often happens that the flowers rotten from the wet. The flowering time is then only very short.

Sunflowers need a lot of nutrients. So fertilize regularly.

Tips & Tricks

Sunflowers are not only available in the typical yellow. Some varieties are orange in color, others are dark red - the flowers can be double or unfilled. Even two- and multi-colored sunflowers are on the market.