Tips and tricks for a successful topiary on boxwood

Tips and tricks for a successful topiary on boxwood

The right time

For the work of art to succeed, you have to wait for the right time. Trimming the box effectively depends not only on the way it is cut, but above all on the season and the weather. The following rules apply to the topiary:

  • Cutting season is between April and September.
  • The first shape cut takes place shortly after the first shoot.
  • Depending on the region, this is between the end of April and mid-May.
  • A second pruning should be done by mid-August.
  • Do not cut in rainy weather, this will encourage fungal infections.
  • If it is very sunny, the cut box trees should be shaded for a while.
  • Otherwise there is a risk of burns.

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Basically, the following rule applies: the more often you cut a box tree, the more compact, branched and dense it will grow. For simple figures - such as geometric figures such as spheres, cuboids, pyramids or cones - as well as hedges, one to two shape cuts per year are sufficient, more complex ones should be cut into shape more often. A minimum interval of four weeks must be observed. However, do not use the scissors later than September so as not to endanger the hardiness of the wood.

Cutting techniques

Always cut off so much that there is always something left of this year's, light green leafy shoot. The reason for this is the fact that the older shoots of the boxwood become bald with age. With a deeper cut it can happen that you cut an unsightly hole in the sculpture that only grows back very slowly. In addition, do not cut off too much at once, but approach the desired figure slowly and in as small steps as possible.

Cutting aids

Freehand cutting is often complicated and especially those who do not have too much experience with cutting boxwood can quickly insert unsightly cutting errors. You can work around the problem with a template - either bought from specialist retailers or made from wire, wire mesh (€ 14.99 at Amazon *) or cardboard yourself.


You shouldn't use electric scissors or saws for elaborate boxwood figurines. Instead, it makes sense for the art gardener to purchase special box shears.