Planting a pumpkin in a bucket - just a pious wish?

Planting a pumpkin in a bucket - just a pious wish?

Sowing behind glass for the perfect start to the season

The pumpkin plants, which need warmth, are only allowed to go out into the fresh air from mid / late May. Growing in the house is therefore recommended so that the plants start the season with a beneficial growth advantage. The fresher the seed, the shorter the germination time.

  • soak the seeds in lukewarm water for 1 day
  • Place each seed-deep in the seed soil in the 6 cm pot
  • alternatively, plant 3 seeds each in a 9 cm pot
  • Moisten with water from the hand sprayer and cover with foil

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An exemplary germination temperature fluctuates around 25 degrees Celsius. In this case, the germination time will not take more than 1 week. In the bright window seat with slightly cooler temperatures of around 18 degrees Celsius, growth progresses rapidly. A cover is no longer required.

Pumpkin in the big bucket brings a rich harvest

Within 3 to 4 weeks after sowing, the seedlings present several pairs of leaves above the cotyledons. You are now ready to move to the balcony. Wait for the ice saints to come before you plant a pumpkin in the tub.

A pot with a volume of at least 60 to 90 liters is possible. Either a climbing aid is already integrated here or you can add a trellis later. As a substrate, you should give preference to nutritious compost-based vegetable soil.

  • Lay a drainage over the opening in the floor made of potsherds, gravel or pieces of styrofoam
  • Spread an air and water permeable fleece over it
  • fill in the substrate and insert the most vigorous pumpkin plant
  • Finally pour generously

Place the bucket on a plant trolley so that it is easy to maneuver. First of all, the plant should harden in the protected, partially shaded place on the balcony for about 8 days. Then the pot takes its final location with many hours of sunshine.

Tips & Tricks

Small pumpkin varieties such as 'Baby Bear', 'Patisson', 'Acorn Pumpkin' or 'Little Sweets' are ideally suited for potting.