Is the Mühlenbeckia suitable as a houseplant?

Is the Mühlenbeckia suitable as a houseplant?

Where does Mühlenbeckia really feel at home?

The Mühlenbeckien like it airy and light. They tolerate light shade better than the blazing midday sun. If they are too dark or too cool, they will only grow weakly to moderately. They lose their leaves in drought or frost. The soil should definitely be well-drained, this reduces the risk of waterlogging.

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How do I care for the Mühlenbeckia in my apartment?

Water your Mühlenbeckia regularly, because the root ball must not dry out. The warmer the room in which the Mühlenbeckia is located, the more water the plant will need. In winter the water requirement is generally lower, but even then the bale must not become completely dry. Therefore it is better to water regularly in smaller quantities.

From April to September fertilize the Mühlenbeckia at least once a month with a commercially available liquid fertilizer. You achieve the ideal nutrient distribution when you mix the fertilizer into the irrigation water. A good alternative, especially for the easily forgetful gardener, is to use a slow release fertilizer in spring.

Do I have to prune my Mühlenbeckia?

The Mühlenbeckia does not have to be pruned regularly, but it does not take a cut offense either. So you can easily cut off shoots that disturb the overall picture or have just become too long. The Mühlenbeckia can also be easily brought into shape with a climbing aid.

Tips for keeping the rooms in the Mühlenbeckia:

  • plant in well drained substrate
  • Lay a drainage layer in the pot
  • possibly provided with climbing aid
  • well suited for hanging baskets
  • place light and airy
  • Water regularly, but not too abundantly
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • Fertilize every 2 to 3 weeks during the growing season
  • alternatively use slow release fertilizer
  • cut back if necessary


With its long shoots and small leaves, the Mühlenbeckia is an excellent hanging plant, but it can also be brought into an interesting shape with a climbing aid.