The primroses have faded: now is the time to plant out!

The primroses have faded: now is the time to plant out!

Benefits of planting primroses

Planting primroses has several advantages:

  • many species bloom a second time during the summer
  • Primroses can continue to grow
  • Primroses can multiply
  • the purchase of new primroses is spared

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After flowering is the best time

When the primroses in the pot have withered - this is usually the case between March and April - they can be planted in the garden. However, it is best not to plant them out until frost is no longer expected. There are primrose species that are less tolerant of frost.

Find a suitable location and soil

First find a suitable location before you start working. Primroses prefer to grow in a partially shaded location. They also thrive in the sun without any problems. However, they should not be planted in full sun, facing south.

The substrate in which they spread their roots should have the following properties:

  • medium to high nutritional content
  • medium to high humus content
  • sandy-loamy to sandy-peaty
  • slightly humid environment
  • weakly acidic pH

Plant out step by step

First, a large planting hole with a diameter of 20 cm and a depth of around 20 cm should be dug at the chosen location. The earth in it is loosened up well. A little compost gives the primroses a good start to life in the field.

Now the faded primrose is removed from the pot. If necessary, roots that are too long and haggard are cut off. The primrose is placed in the planting hole together with its root ball. Now it is covered with earth.

Finally, the earth is pressed down and the primrose is poured abundantly. Rainwater is best for watering, as primroses don't like lime. If you plant several primroses, you should keep a minimum distance of 10 cm between the individual plants.

Tips & Tricks

Many primroses bloom a second time in summer. The prerequisite is that they are in a shady and cool location.