Cranesbill “Rozanne” - the right care for the permanent bloomer

Cranesbill “Rozanne” - the right care for the permanent bloomer

Which location does “Rozanne” prefer?

A sunny to partially shaded location is ideal.

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Which soil conditions are ideal for “Rozanne”?

It is best to plant “Rozanne” in fertile, loamy, humus-rich and not too dry soil.

What is “Rozanne” used for?

“Rozanne” is particularly suitable for perennial beds and mixed borders because of its flowering pleasure. However, you should also give the plant plenty of space. Planted too close to other perennials, it can displace them. Older specimens should be supported. If this does not happen, “Rozanne” remains low and can also be used as a ground cover. “Rozanne” is also a sensation as a traffic light plant or in window boxes (€ 106.25 at Amazon *).

How much water does “Rozanne” need?

During hot, dry phases you should water “Rozanne” regularly. But be careful: like many geranium species, this one is also very sensitive to waterlogging.

Do you have to fertilize “Rozanne”? If so, how often and with what?

It is best to fertilize twice a year, once at the beginning of the growing season and once more in early summer. Use a liquid complete fertilizer for this.

When and how is “Rozanne” cut back?

“Rozanne” should be cut back vigorously in late autumn. The perennial tends to fall apart over time, pruning promotes its reconstruction and makes it appear fuller.

How can “Rozanne” best be propagated?

Since “Rozanne” as a hybrid does not develop any fruits and therefore also no seeds, propagation is only possible via division. The best time for this is spring.

Which diseases or pests are common in “Rozanne”?

“Rozanne” is very robust and is rarely attacked by pests, fungi and other pathogens. However, if you note such an undesired visit, it is mostly due to care errors. Above all, waterlogging should be avoided.

Is “Rozanne” hardy?

This cranesbill hybrid is only partially hardy and needs winter protection during the cold season. After pruning in autumn, it is best to cover it with spruce branches.


Also very distinctive is the light pink flowering cranesbill variety “Apple blossom”, a variant of the dainty blood-red cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum).

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