Prefer hyacinths in a jar - decorative plant growing

Prefer hyacinths in a jar - decorative plant growing

How do hyacinth glasses have to be made?

The hyacinth glass has a special shape. It consists of a bulbous lower part and a domed upper shell into which the tuber of a hyacinth fits exactly.

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The lower part is filled with water. The onion receives moisture without coming into direct contact with the surface of the water. The hyacinth does not need soil in the glass. So it is more or less a form of hydroponics.

Hyacinth glasses are available from specialist retailers. But you will also find numerous offers for decorative models that are suitable for caring for hyacinths in glass in online shops.

How to grow hyacinths in the jar

  • Clean the glass
  • Fill with water at the bottom
  • Place the hyacinth on top
  • Place in a dark and cool place
  • Top up with water every day

The glass is rinsed and cleaned well so that no bacteria stick to it. Detergent residues must also be removed.

Fill the glass with fresh water. Place the tuber of the hyacinth in the top bowl with the tip up. There should be little space between the roots and the water level. Under no circumstances should the onion come into direct contact with water. You must refill with fresh water every day.

The hyacinth jar is placed in a cool, dark place until it blooms. A temperature of around ten degrees is ideal.

Cover the tuber with a paper hat

If you don't have a suitable place to place the glass dark enough, you can help with a paper hat in the shape of a cone.

You can make it out of cardboard or some other opaque fabric.

By darkening you create the same conditions as the tubers have in the earth. The roots only form when it is dark.

After two to three months on the windowsill

It takes two to three months for the hyacinth to sprout leaves and finally flower stalks.

Wait until the paper hat over the hyacinth jar lifts by itself. Then the leaves and flower stalks have developed well.

Now you can remove the blackout or take the glass out of the dark and place it on the bright and warm window sill.

Hyacinths can only be grown in the glass as an annual

Unfortunately, hyacinths in the jar only last one season. After flowering, the tuber is depleted and must be thrown away.

You can try to plant them in the garden, but the effort is usually unsuccessful.

Tips & Tricks

Hyacinth glasses look particularly decorative if you line the glass with small decorative stones in the color of the hyacinth flower. The roots spreading over it give it an interesting appearance.